We just made bagels!

Sometimes in the middle of a long downhill hike, a Wendy’s Frosty is exactly what my body wants, and the imagining is almost as good as the tasting.

It’s kind of the same here in Moshi: meat, ice cream and beer (Tusker is really good, but so is variety!) usually top the list, but just the other day I also remembered how much I miss bagels—really good bagels, in all their chewy, tear ‘em apart, not-the-kind-you’d-get-in-the-grocery-store dense goodness.

Thanks to the web, then, above all his nobler yet sadly more elusive brethren, the humble bagel has proved himself this morning victorious, breaking open the way of gastronomic manifestation for all those who shall follow!


Bagels: Not Invented Here