I’ve been writing a bunch of rdoc lately, and ⌘S/⌃⇧R//⌘W/⌘⇥/⌘R was starting to get pretty cumbersome. (That’s rake rerdoc from TextMate, close the output window, switch to Safari and reload.)

So, I remembered and downloaded Mike Clark’s stakeout.rb, and now I’m down to ⌘S/⌘⇥/⌘R—not bad!

Except I was a little troubled by the packaging, so I threw together a new RubyGem, adding in Growl support along the way:


Think of it as a poor-man’s autotest, without being tied to testing.

Installation and Usage

svn co http://matthewtodd.org/svn/public/rake-stakeout
cd rake-stakeout
rake gem
sudo gem install pkg/*.gem
require 'rake/stakeouttask'

Rake::StakeoutTask.new(:stakeout_rdoc) do |stakeout|
  stakeout.stakeout_files = FileList['README', 'lib/**/*.rb']
  stakeout.stakeout_task = :rerdoc
  stakeout.notification_method = :growl
rake stakeout_rdoc

Have fun! I’d love to hear if you decide to give this a try.