doh 0.2.1

Update, 17 April 2009: doh lives on github now.

Doh stops your version control commit if you’ve forgotten to add some files.

I last wrote about Doh in August. You may remember this part:

DDDDDDDDDDDDD                         hhhhhhh
 D::::::::::::DDD                      h:::::h
 D:::::::::::::::DD                    h:::::h
 DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D                   h:::::h
   D:::::D    D:::::D    ooooooooooo    h::::h hhhhh
   D:::::D     D:::::D oo:::::::::::oo  h::::hh:::::hhh
   D:::::D     D:::::Do:::::::::::::::o h::::::::::::::hh
   D:::::D     D:::::Do:::::ooooo:::::o h:::::::hhh::::::h
   D:::::D     D:::::Do::::o     o::::o h::::::h   h::::::h
   D:::::D     D:::::Do::::o     o::::o h:::::h     h:::::h
   D:::::D     D:::::Do::::o     o::::o h:::::h     h:::::h
   D:::::D    D:::::D o::::o     o::::o h:::::h     h:::::h
 DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D  o:::::ooooo:::::o h:::::h     h:::::h
 D:::::::::::::::DD   o:::::::::::::::o h:::::h     h:::::h ......
 D::::::::::::DDD      oo:::::::::::oo  h:::::h     h:::::h .::::.
 DDDDDDDDDDDDD           ooooooooooo    hhhhhhh     hhhhhhh ......

Since then, some nice things have happened:

gem install matthewtodd-doh --source