Ruby without Borders

If you’re (a) reading this and (b) not my mom, chances are good you write software for a living, and that you may have seen the short talk I gave last September inviting you over here to work for a few weeks. (video, slides)

We’ve got an awesome gig ahead, and if you’ve found this idea intriguing, now would be a great time to be thinking about joining us.

The Gig

All nepotism aside, Amani Children’s Home is in a fascinating place in its development now, shaking off the crises of early growth and really starting to come into its own.

All of their records, however, are still on paper.

You can see where this is going.

But can we discover the right system to build? These dozen teachers and social workers are largely computer un-saavy. Can we build their confidence and actually make their lives easier?

Clearly, we’ll be taking an XP/Getting Real approach, working on site and looking to deliver value as often as possible. And, thanks to Valerie’s good work, there’s already something of a culture of organizational learning at Amani that should be quite amenable to an agile process.

The Team

… and You?

It would be absolutely fantastic if you could come sit in with us for a few weeks–whether you tend toward development, design, or system administration, you’ll certainly have a lot to offer. (Though you’ll want to have done some work with Rails first.)

We’ll start around the end of April, with the project continuing through the summer. That means that Real Soon Now is the perfect time to price plane tickets, renew your passport, and see to it that all your shots are up-to-date.

Sound fun? Drop me a line.